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In Progress
HubSpot - real-time message sync
Pipedrive panel for Shared Inbox
Labels sync to CRM
Team permissions
HubSpot - Send
Zoho CRM - Active Panel
Monday integration recipe
Schedule message sending time
Мultiple WhatsApp accounts per user
Zapier v2
Deleted chats / messages access
Chat View Improvements
Salesforce integration
WhatsApp - support voice calls
WhatsApp - support rich syntax and groups mentions
Webhooks - Phase 1
Export statistics into Excel
Sendinblue - Native CRM Integration
Integration with OpenAI Wisper
Visual Workflow builder
Built-in integrations platform
Statistics for closed chats
Trash bin for deleted chats
Chat History export to a file
Mobile support for Shared Inbox
Statistics Improvements
Webhooks - Phase 2
ChatGPT Autoresponder improvement
Automatic responsible (re)assignment
Zoho - embedded message view